Enlightened Equipment Revelation

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Key Features

  • Temperature Ratings Options: 0 degrees to 50 degrees
  • Fill Power Options: 850 fill power or 900 fill power
  • Length Options: 66 inches to 90 inches
  • Width Options: 50 inches to 64 inches
  • Fabric Options: 7D, 10D, or 20D nylon
  • Footbox Style: Convertible (closed option available in their Engima style)


  • Reasonably priced options
  • Wide degree of customization possible
  • Repelled water better than anything else we tested

Once you start investing in a better sleep setup for the backcountry, you want to really dial it in: right length, right width, right fill power, right colors. The more control you have over all these specifications, the better your sleep experience will be. And that’s where the Enlightened Equipment Revelation shines. It has more customization options available than anything else we looked at, at prices that are affordable compared to the most expensive options we looked at. If you’ve been holding off purchasing a quilt because you think you’re too tall, or you’re worried it won’t sufficiently cover your body, or you sleep cold, then look here first.

OL’s gear editor, Scott Einsmann, snagged himself an Enlightened Equipment quilt just in time for an elk hunt in British Columbia. He says he’s slept in his 850-fill power, 10-degree quilt (paired with the Exped 5R Dura) in everything from 30 degree temps to 70 degree temps and been perfectly comfortable with no more additional layers than a hat when it got especially cold. At 6 foot 6 inches, he found the Enlightened Equipment long to be a tad short for him (better for someone 6 feet to 6 feet 4 inches)—fortunately for his next backcountry hunt, Enlightened Equipment makes a custom version of their quilts in extra-long that adds another 6 inches.

When we tested the Enlightened Equipment Revelation on the Oregon Coast Trail, its convertible footbox ended up being less useful than we expected. Unlike the near-sleeping bag potential of the Katabatic footbox, testers reported that they were more likely to leave this footbox closed and adjust the temperature by loosening or tightening the straps connecting the quilt to their sleeping pad, rather than fiddle with the footbox. Enlightened Equipment does make an option with a closed footbox—their Enigma quilt.



Orange, Blue, Green

Temperature (Fahrenheit)

10, 20, 30


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