Silva Ranger 2.0

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Key Features

  • Weight: 0.3 pounds
  • Contour card to measure slopes and avalanche risk
  • Built in adjuster for magnetic declination based on location
  • Mirror sighting with sighting hole for determining direction over long distances
  • Magnifying lens
  • Lanyard has distance markers


  • Great value for a fairly complete package
  • Ease of use with a bold font for many indicators
  • Easy to attach a lanyard
  • Similar to the MC-2 but half the price

The Silva Ranger 2.0 is very similar to the best compass overall, the MC-2, so it’s hard to review it without drawing comparisons. While the Silva Ranger 2.0 does weigh a small amount more than the Suunto MC-2, you get a lot of tools with this compass, like a similar case and mirror. However, unlike the MC-2, the Ranger doesn’t come with a slope indicator directly on the device or a key to change settings.

Using the Ranger on trail felt very similar to the MC-2 as well and, in many ways, just as reliable. The clear base plate allowed me to do some extra navigating before arriving in Rocky Mountain National Park to get an idea of what was ahead. With just a few minor differences, like the use of a card for slope measurements that come in the box, the Ranger was very reliable.

Overall, the Ranger 2.0 is a great option for someone slightly more on a budget but looking for a lot of the quality of the industry’s standard.


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