Stone Glacier Chilkoot Quilt

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Key Features

  • Temperature Ratings Options: 32 degrees
  • Fill Power Options: 850 fill power
  • Length Options: 80 inches
  • Width Options: 50 inches
  • Fabric Options: 15D Pertex Quantum Shell
  • Footbox Style: Closed
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Neck closure was one of the best we looked at
  • Runs warmer than it’s stated temperature rating

Part of the rise in popularity of mummy bags is that they are so good at keeping unwanted drafts from sneaking in. They are extremely effective at this, if not as comfortable or relaxing as more traditional-style sleeping bags or ultralight quilts. Quilts, conversely, typically struggle with drafts in one of two ways: Either air is sneaking in through the sides (solved by cinching down the straps underneath your pad) or it’s sneaking in through the top of the quilt where your head is.

Most quilts deal with this issue with nothing more than a simple snap-button closure and drawstring at the neck, which gets the job done but can feel a bit claustrophobic. Conversely, the Stone Glacier Chilkoot Quilt gives you basically three different ways to seal off the quilt around the neck. There is the snap button, sure, but there is also a gentle magnetic closure on either end of an elastic baffled and articulated section. When the magnet is open, this section of fabric loosely conforms to your neck, and when it’s closed it closes off gaps without getting too tight. This is a real innovation that will particularly benefit individuals using tarps or cowboy camping in drafty climates.

Our less experienced quilt users, however, struggled to keep drafts out along the sides of this quilt. Because it’s less wide and has a somewhat shallower footbox than other quilts in our test, the importance of cinching the straps down underneath the pad is essential to keeping drafts out. When a little too much slack was left in a strap, drafts snuck in—something that didn’t happen with the wider quilts that we looked at.

But there were other reasons we liked the Stone Glacier Chilkoot, too. One tester, who tried out this quilt in conjunction with a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite, reported that it ran warmer than its stated temperature: closer to a comfort-rated 32-degree quilt than a limit-rated 32-degree quilt. She also described the skin feel as “silky” and said the range of motion inside the quilt was similar to what she would expect to experience at home.


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